Elephant Squadron is an editorial company with post-production capabilities led by Alene Padilla-Tiller, a film/tv professional and singer of Satellite Empire. Part of the New Dawn Media network, Elephant Squadron has CGI and VFX artists, colorists, concept designers, matte painters and composers in-house. We edit and produce visual art; we do it very well. That’s the pitch, let us know what you need.

Alene’s Assistant Editor Credits:

Tokyo Vice

Directed by: Josef Kabuta
Edited by: Ben Rodriguez Jr.

Irresistible (2020)

Directed By: Jon Stewart
Edited by: Mike Selemon and Jay Rabinowitz , ACE.

The Card Counter (2021)

Directed By: Paul Scharader
Edited by: Ben Rodriguez Jr.

Catch the Fair One (2021)

Directed By: Josef Kabuta
Edited by: Ben Rodriguez Jr.

Above All Things (2018)

Directed By: M. Brady
Edited by: Ben Rodriguez Jr.

Facebook’s 2020 Voter Registration Campaign

Directed by: Daniels

Cadillac’s ‘Rise" Oscars 2019

Edit by: Ben Rodriguez Jr.

FDA Truth’s “Only One Leaves”

Directed by: Darren Aranofsky